Working hard to find my way walking down that railway
Did it when I was eight years old, no one’s here who I told ‘bout the
Pennies on the track, better not look back
What I see sure has changed, and no one’s to blame

Waited for the very last note, then we snuck out and followed the moat
Down to the sea where the tracks lie
Then we met a man named Joe, we told him all we know
Don’t know why we didn’t go home, perhaps we were meant to roam

We knew the daddy of train’s was a comin’ talked all night while we waited under the stars
Then he took us down the tracks, we never looked back,
Then we drank tea with Joe, then we drank tea with the hobos

Still working hard to find my way, crisscrossing the bi-ways
Searching for the pot of gold, so elusive and so old
Travelling now for years gone by, think I know the reason why
Stepping on maps of time won’t help you find that dime
The tracks are covered with memories of a time when everything seemed free
My vagabond days are over
But Joe told me I could fly, and with these years gone by
All I have left are silent ties

We knew the daddy of trains was a coming
Memories sooth my stolen heart
When he took us down the track, we never looked back
Then we drank tea with Joe, Joe’s our hero
When I knew that I was just a teeny weeny itty bitty baby
I knew that I was going to be the one to sing the whole darn song
There’s nothing hard about it if you know just what to say and how to go about it
There’s a zillion ways to sing a song but only you can do it no wrong

Come take a ride with me, we’ll row around the river of sorrow
We’ll kiss the ones we love and bring them into tomorrow

Everybody’s has a song inside their heart but many may not know it
Gonna come around, tug a knot, plant a tree and then I’m gonna grow it

Give to the ones we love as though we’ll never see tomorrow
Let’s bring them peace and a dove to bring them out of the sorrow

I was born in the month of May I swear I heard the doc and my mama say
If I sang a song when I got out of here there’s nothing in this world that I will fear

Nothing in this world compares to when I hear the song of a nightingale
You can hear in the twilight silence, under a veil
There’s nothing more complex then fixing a cup of green tea
But being in the moment, well, hey, that works for me

Free up your heart, take a look, breathe a color
Grab a book, eat a grape, tell another
Free up your heart, what did you take, try another
Tell a friend, be on alert, and trust your mother

Everybody has a song inside their heart, but many may not know how to jump start
Got to feel the moment, meditate on a way
Say good bye to your tears today

Give to the ones you love as though you’ll never see tomorrow
I’ll go the way, even if I have to beg and borrow

Little Wizdoms are coming this way you better stick around to hear what they say
If you know the answer to the puzzle here
Lay it down, go around, spread the cheer
Lay it down, go around, spread the cheer
Lay it down, go around, spread the cheer