Appropriately, Hubert Laws asked Nika to perform the musical tribute for his Lifetime Achievement Award. There are few times when something occurs in musical shows that is so far out, so far above and beyond, that other musicians shake their heads in wonder. That is the way it is when Nika Rejto plays the flute.

No, she doesn’t simply play it, she makes love to it, she makes it melt with deep emotion, she makes it an instrument of madness with thrilling trills, rapid fire staccato, and more than anything, the clearest, mellowest sound that may ever have emanated from a flute. And, she does the same thing with a piccolo.

This is no ordinary working of an instrument to produce sound, it is a thrill-inducing experience for audiences as she throws her head back, plays toward the sky, twists and dips with the beat and the mood. Dr. Herb Wong, long time Bay Area impresario got it right, “She had an audience of over 2,000 in her hand—It was very obvious we had a major musician on stage.”

Nika Rejto is a master performer who is equally comfortable with classical fugues, including her own compositions, and jazz standards and ballads explored in fascinating new ways, even Latin music that makes it impossible to sit still! In sum, Nika Rejto’s version of music is infectious; it sweeps through an audience from the first offering to the last. Until the inevitable standing ovation, she uses her amazing technique to enthrall, caress, and turn on those lucky audiences who join her in musical celebration.

Below is a mere sampling of the testimonies that reveal the power of Nika’s skill.

  1. One of the nation’s finest flutists!” San Francisco Jazz Festival
  2. "Nika Rejto brought the house down! Downbeat Magazine, Concert at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
  3. Rejto’s flute tone goes straight to your soul. She’s one of our great contemporary flutists.” NPR Jazz, Reese Erlich
Reviews of her CDs
Naked Emotions, Bridge Weaver, Liquid Love, Midnite Kiss, Teazing Socrates
  1. “Rejto’s flute is rich in long, affirmative phrases decorated by all manner of trills, tremolos, growls, and other effects that never descend into gimmickry” Leonard Feather (Naked Emotions)
  2. “My Funny Valentine” is sad, a low flute with prodigious vibrato. Low, she weeps; on the bridge she takes some high flutters with brightest purity. The theme concludes and come the solo Nika is classical, taking her time with graceful notes. We proceed, and she turns happy; some high whoops, a rapid run up the stairs, and woven patterns before she grows simple and calm. At the end theme we find her high and optimistic, the birds chirp, and when the vibrato returns at the close, it doesn’t seem so sad.” Jazz Improv (Bridge Weaver)
  3. Flutist Nika Rejto soars on this new addition...Compared to the great James Moody, Nika once again teases our souls and delights our ears with Such Pristine Flute Playing it is hard to imagine that she is not touring the world. All About Jazz (Midnite Kiss)
  4. “If you don’t MELT to this one you need to kick.-start your soul” Jazz Now, (Midnight Kiss)
  5. Nika's done it again, except this time it’s magical. She plays flute like no other...I went on a journey listening to the clips and I'll never forget it. Buy this won't regret it. She is a master at her trade, and her compositions are fantastic too. Robert (Teazing Socrates)

Many nationally known musicians have asked Nika Rejto to be featured in their performances. Among the 47 such appearances with other artists, Hubert Laws, Horace Silver, Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, Buddy Collette, Bobby Hutcherson, Jimmy Smith, Benny Carter, Dmitri Matheny, Bobby McFerrin, and Taylor Eigsti, these represent a mere sampling.

Nika’s improvisation was beautiful, imaginative, swinging,…anything but predictable; but what we were really hearing out in the seats was how much she meant every note of it. We got personally involved in her effort; it was as if we were making the journey with her, not by note” Robert Tate, performance at Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society

She has been a popular performer at such notable venues as: Yoshi's, San Jose Jazz Festival, the Vallejo Jazz Festival, Stanford Summer Jazz Series, Laguna Jazz Festival, Palo Alto Jazz Alliance Concert (Tribute to Duke Ellington)